Emergency Warning Systems (EWS) is an Australian business based in Melbourne that has developed innovative and commanding radio over-broadcast technology for warning and alert message dissemination.

EWS’ patented technology is designed to communicate in emergencies or strategic operation by broadcasting a short radio message to defined hyper-local target audiences. It searches for and finds every active FM radio station operating in an area. It then broadcasts the alert message in the selected zone on all FM radio stations operating there to ensure that anyone listening will receive the message informing them of the appropriate action to take.


Regardless of the number of people who need to be communicated with, there is no system available globally that can reach those who need to be informed in an efficient, simple and effective manner. The target people may be those whose lives or property are at risk, those who need to take a specific action, or those who need to be managed according to an incident or operation. Natural disasters and catastrophic events throughout the world continue to take their toll in lives lost and assets destroyed.  The onus on governments is growing to respond to their communities’ needs to manage emergencies better by using technological developments. Timely accurate communication is paramount.

The EWS solution is to use standard FM radios that the greater population have access to in their homes, offices and vehicles as the source of the communication.  Most people in most countries have access to and commonly listen to FM radio. A radio message is powerful because it communicates using the language people understand and is far more effective and efficient than other communication mediums.

The Management Team and Board Members

The management team is dedicated and appropriately experienced. Believing in EWS, their support for the company in its formative years has been first-class with all working to build the opportunity with little or no personal reward. The team of a Chief Executive Officer, Finance Director and Managers comprise the operational arm of the business with the board including two non-executive positions including Chairman.

Michael McDonald

Non-Executive Chairman Intellectual Property appointed September 2014

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Michael is a Director and Chairman of ICEE folding box. He is also a Director of Leighton O’Brien (11 years), an Australian environmental engineering business with a global licensee network.
He is an International Commercial and IP Lawyer who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Michael has over 30 years’ experience in corporate and commercial law, intellectual property and IP licensing, and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. Michael’s intellectual property practice involves the identification, protection and commercialization of intellectual property. Michael serves major businesses, both in Australia and internationally. He acts for businesses seeking to commercialize their inventions, brands and products internationally and has extensive experience in international licensing and intellectual property. Michael also routinely acts as a commercial advisor to his clients.

Hugh Mackay

Executive Director Chief Executive Officer appointed July 2014

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Hugh brings many years of manufacturing experience to EWS.
Following a major investment in EWS, he offered his services to mastermind the manufacturing and strategic planning for EWS and was subsequently appointed as CEO of the company.



Domenic Luppino

Executive Director Finance & Company Secretary appointed 2003 (Founder)

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Domenic has 20 years’ experience as a Financial Analyst. He has worked in treasury and finance with key roles in operational and financial risk management, cash management, debt financing, funding of business operations and business planning. Having ownership in three separate businesses, this experience has equipped him with strong business acumen and management capabilities. For some time in the early days of EWS, Domenic was the stalwart who stood by the business when it was a fledgling company with a long road ahead.

Bruce Esplin

Non-executive Director Engagement appointed October 2013

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Bruce brings the expertise garnered from 20+ years of extensive senior executive management and leadership in the emergency services and public sectors. He is experienced in providing specialist services and advice to Boards and executives in the areas of crisis leadership, the role of technology in both public safety and social connectedness, risk management, crisis management, strategic planning, change management, mentoring and public speaking, Bruce can assist in the development of tailor-made solutions to the systemic issues facing organisations in the 21st century.

Martin Broda

Research and Development Manager

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Martin is an electronics entrepreneur who has evolved the EWS technology from a basic concept into a sophisticated, high-performing technology system that offers serious benefits to potential customers.
Martin has created and invented technologies that have unique and valuable capabilities for worldwide customers.