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Within 2018, ambulance vehicles of Qatar will be equipped with a special transmitter and no one will ever say “I did not hear the siren!”

DOHA – The Asian state of Qatar is already well known for its high quality EMS service and for services between desert and cities. But, from now on, it will be recognized as a relevant example of sirens innovation across the world. The ambulances of Hamad Ambulance Service will be equipped with a special system, which sends a warning message on the radio to vehicles 200 meters in front of the ambulance.

So, if a driver has the radio on, he or she will suddenly hear the message: “Warning! Ambulance approaching. Give way.”

This system won’t be enough to eliminate indiscipline, but surely it will be a great help. Experience taught us that if we are listening to loud music, we are not able to hear the siren. We hope that this system could be improved and be helpful for other rescuers all over the world.

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Emergency Live | Ambulance Service of Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar | December 03, 2016