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Translated from Arabic to English:
Ajman Police General Command uses an innovative method to reduce response times and accidents as part of its continuous efforts to support the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to enhance traffic safety on the emirate’s roads and its values towards excellence and innovation through the strategic objective of instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional environment.

His Excellency Major-General Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Security and Safety of the Executive Council, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police has provided first responders with a device that allows them to make voice calls on all radio channels in up to 25 different languages with 6 messages in order to alert surrounding traffic to the presence of a first responders so that traffic can make room up to a distance of 400 meters across a circular area which allows the first responder a smooth and continuous approach to the incident.

His Excellency praised the achievement and stressed the approach taken by the leadership in order to increase the sense of security and safety in the emirate and to take advantage of modern technologies to adapt to the continuous increase in the preparation of vehicles on the roads, in addition to the support of the direct happiness of ideas and creative suggestions as this idea was among the suggestions of the leadership.
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