Patented technology to optimise the impact of strategic messages and emergency warnings.

When confronted with an incident, panic, confusion, indecision and danger prevail if those targeted are not appropriately advised of how to deal with the situation. Emergency Warning Systems (EWS) offers unique technology that communicates through standard radios; the radio remains the most powerful and reliable means of mass communication worldwide operations.

trafficEmergencies can range from a simple situation where an ambulance is trying to clear a path through heavy traffic to reach a hospital, to a terrorist attack, a forest fire or natural disaster like a tsunami. 

The technology can also be used for train alerts at railway level crossings. It also has security threat applications and offers solutions for communicating to target audiences during security operations.

In all situations EWS’ technology is a compelling solution for informing people to protect their welfare and the welfare of others, or for managing an incident.

How it works

EWS’ patented technology detects every FM radio station broadcast that reaches the target area and constantly measures the power of each of those radio signals. It then broadcasts the message at a predetermined greater power on each frequency so it now becomes the broadcast message but only within the hyper-local target zone.

homeGraphAvailable as a mobile unit it can be fitted to police, ambulance, fire, emergency services and military vehicles. The broadcast range for a mobile deployment is a radius of up to 200 metres so as not to impact on audiences who do not need to receive the message.  It is capable of simultaneous broadcasts across multiple FM radio stations in the language of the target station.

Police car having clear passage through traffic

EWS’ technology offers emergency management authorities a practical and cost-effective solution to communicate with audiences in defined areas.